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List of Producers

Listed below are the Producers we list wines for. We believe we've got a superb selection including some of the smaller, 'boutique', family owned/run wineries. In our opinion they all have one thing in common: produce fantastic, top quality wines.

A Mano

A Mano - Italy Puglia

By producing wines of such quality, Mark Shannon and his partner, Elvezia Sbalchiero, have succeeded in making Primitivo one of Italy’s most talked about grape varieties. By paying high prices for the best grapes (from 70 to 100 year old vines) and focussing solely on quality and a modern style, they have revolutionised the style and quality of Primitivo. Part of the reason for the continued success of A Mano is the greater knowledge that Mark and Elvezia have after six vintages (the first was as a consultant for somebody else) in the region. Not only are they getting access to Salento’s best grapes, but their growers have also come to realise that if they want the higher price paid by A Mano, they need to provide even better grapes than in previous years.


Allegrini - Italy Veneto

Producers such as Allegrini are very rare indeed. The quality of the wines they produce from their 70 hectares of vineyard – across the range and from vintage to vintage – is both stellar and impeccable. They have fruit, balance, intensity, length, elegance, tipicity and, above all, drinkability. In short, they are among the élite of the world’s best producers of red wines.

Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta - Italy Veneto

Matt Thomson ensures that these wines improve with every vintage. Working with selected parcels of grapes where he has managed to convince growers to reduce yields and pick later (and, as a result, riper) he has produced some startlingly good wines.

Antonio Camillo - Italy Tuscany

Antonio Camillo is the winemaker for Poggio Argentiera but also owns two vineyards totalling 5 hectares in the Maremma Laziale in the very south of Tuscany. The climate is Mediterranean and the Ciliegiolo variety ripens beautifully here. His very old vine `Vallerana Alta` was described in Decanter Magazine (February 2012) as `Italy’s best Ciliegiolo`. The Ciliegiolo varietal is believed to be either the parent, or the offspring of Sangiovese.

Bella Modella

Bella Modella - Italy Veneto

Bella Modella is a thing of great beauty: elegant, sassy and beguiling. It is a form whose beginning and end are seamless. Good value wines.


Bonacchi - Italy Tuscany

Cantine Bonacchi grow the best Tuscan grapes and make them into Montalbano, in the heart of the Chianti production zone. The winery also began bottling thier wine when the new generation of the fanily began working. Modern technology enables Cantine Bonacchi to offer consumers excellent products and special attention to organic production. Cantina Bonacchi, founded in 1965, is a family owned winery that is situated in the heart of the Montalbano Hills, that lie between the towns of Florence and Pistoia in Tuscany. The family owns 40 hectares of vineyards in the Chianti Montalbano area and a winery with 20 hectares of vineyards in the Chianti Classico area near Siena. All Tuscan wines are produced either from their own grapes or from grapes sourced from long term contract growers. Harvesting is done both manually and mechanically. In 1998 a very modern plant, in the heart of the winery, was completed and gained ISO 9002 certification. The winery boasts of 2 fully automated bottling lines, a large vinification plant and an old cellar for the ageing of fine wines in barriques and oak barrels. The family’s main goal is to produce quality wines at reasonable prices. 50% of the production is exported to Europe, U.S.A and Japan whilst the remainder is sold to all sectors of the Italian market.


Candido - Italy Puglia

Alessandro Candido`s range is perhaps the most diverse and innovative to be found in Puglia, yet the wines continue to offer unbeatable value-for-money. The climate is Mediterranean with low rainfall, and ripening takes place slowly due to the striking contrast between day and night-time temperatures, resulting in a strong development of aromas, richness and concentration. This historic, family-owned property continues to amaze under the guiding hand of one of Italy`s top winemakers, Donato Lanati.

Cantina Mesa

Cantina Mesa - Italy Sardinia

This is one of the most exciting new wineries to come out of Sardinia in two decades. It is the brainchild of Gavino Sanna, a Sardinian who has lived in Milan for the past 50 years, where he built up one of Italy's most successful advertising agencies. On a whim, he decided to sell his agency and seek new challenges. One of these was the creation of a winery in Sulcis in south-western Sardinia. As might be expected from somebody with Sanna's background, the labels are striking. He has also ensured that the contents are equally striking. Stefano Cova, a young winemaker from Trentino, took over with the 2008 vintage, improving on an already high level of quality.

Cantine di Montalcino

Cantine di Montalcino - Italy Tuscany, Montalcino

Founded in 1975, the winery was then acquired by Cantine Leonardo da Vinci in 1990. There are ninety associate growers whose combined lands cover 108 hectares of land. The winery is located in the Val di Cave, one of the most beautiful and fascinating localities around Montalcino where many of the associate vineyards lie. Throughout each year, expert enologists, agronomists and other wine technicians collaborate with associate growers to produce grapes of the highest quality possible. The common objective of these professionals is to bring grapes to the winery that are in the best condition, perfectly matured and rich in those substances that allow for optimal vinification.

Carlo Pellegrino - Italy Sicily

The jewel in the Carlo Pellegrino crown are the dessert wines from the island of Pantelleria, a volcanic outcrop of black lava rock situated off the arid Tunisian coast and Italy’s southernmost DOC region. Pellegrino has invested over Ł2 million in the construction of a winery. Over 300 small growers are contracted to supply Pellegrino with premium quality Zibibbo (Moscato) grapes. Quality is guaranteed through strict pruning and the growers keep to below 30 hectolitres per hectare as part of the contract. The fruit is soft pressed and cool fermented to capture the wonderful freshness of the Zibibbo. Pellegrino produce two styles of wines. The Moscato has all the intensity and fruit aroma of the grape and the natural sweetness is beautifully balanced with good acidity. The Passito is made with about 20% sun dried grapes added to the must, the result is an elegant and complex tasting wine; delicious poured over ice cream.


Carpentiere - Italy Puglia

Blending seamlessly in with the landscape of the Murgia, within the perfectly preserved dry-stone walls of a jazzo and surrounded by vineyards, lies the modern, technologically advanced winery where Cantine Carpentiere turn their own grapes into wine. The grapes are carefully selected and harvested exclusively by hand, and only the company’s own grapes are used in the winery, where they are fermented at a low temperature for long periods, in keeping with the natural evolution of the fruit. The wines are then aged in large-size barrels so as to preserve the genuine characteristics of each grape variety. They are then bottled directly and exclusively in the winery, where strict organic production methods are scrupulously followed.


Castelfeder - Italy Trentino-Alto Adige

The Castelfeder Winery was founded in 1970 by A. Giovanett. The small private winery originally lay in the center of Neumarkt in the south of South Tyrol. In 1989 the founder’s son, Günther Giovanett, took over the management of the winery and at the same time, the winery was transferred to the small village of Kurtinig in the very south of South Tyrol. Today the Castelfeder Winery is located in the middle of South Tyrol’s southernmost vineyards, where mostly white varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon and Gewürztraminer are grown. The administrative office however is still located in the historical center of Neumarkt. The purchase of new vineyards and close collaboration with the contracted winegrowers offer Günther Giovanett new possibilities of producing great wines through careful selection of the best production areas and well-aimed cultivation of choice varietals; a job he performs with enthusiasm.

Ceci - Italy Emilia Romagna

In 1938 Otello Ceci owned a busy and vibrant trattoria near Parma in Emilia, selling local speciality cured meats like Culatello, accompanied by deeply coloured glasses of Lambrusco. He decided to start making his own wine in 1939, and was soon courted by the top 400 grape growers in the area to have their fruit pressed by him. Today`s modern cellar was built in the 90`s and is currently run by Otello`s grand children, who have made Ceci a multi award winning point of reference for the highest quality Lambrusco.

Corte Giara

Corte Giara - Italy Veneto

Corte Giara is the négociant label of Allegrini. The wines have a similar stamp of quality and a style and taste that, like their estate range, sets them aside from most of the Veronesi wines produced at this level.


Cossetti - Italy Piemonte

In 1891 Giovanni Cossetti began a business that would soon prove prosperous, changing the family farm into a winery. As a land of excellent wines, full of history and well recognised by end of the nineteenth century, Monferrato was an excellent wine-growing area from which the family, with its deep rooted ties to the area, established its philosophy of quality. It was Clemente, son of the founder, who would begin to make his wines known throughout Italy and abroad in the 1920s. Sons Giovanni and Mario in the following decades consolidated the business in all its aspects, from vineyard and cellar to marketing. It is now the family`s fourth generation who enthusiastically continue a history toward the future, beginning with the right balance of tradition and innovation, attention to developments in the market and above all in the tastes of those who love fine wine and its most distinguished terroirs.


Cusumano - Italy Sicily

The Cusumano winery was established in 2001, when brothers Alberto and Diego, took over the management of the company from their father, Francesco. Cusumano are developing a reputation for quality, due in part to Diego and Alberto's setting the highest quality standards to every area of production, from vineyard to bottle to company identity. Testimony to this is the praise the winery has received from day one. Their flagship wine, Noa, was the first wine ever to receive a Tre Bicchieri at the Gambero Rosso on its very first vintage and the Italian and International awards have been flooding in ever since.


Dezzani - Italy Piemonte

The Dezzani family name is held in the highest esteem in the region of Piedmont, particularly among the many growers dotted around the beautiful hills of Asti, Acqui, Alba and Monferrato with whom the family share an intimate knowledge and love of the region. The family coat of arms bears the motto “Virtute stat et labore” (Steadfast in virtue & labour) and each generation of the Dezzani family has guaranteed that this standard is lived up to. Located in Cocconato d'Asti, Dezzani was founded in 1934 by Luigi Dezzani, grandfather of the current owners, Franca, Luigi and Giovanni. Luigi's hard work and dedication to the promotion of Piemontese wines was recognised when he was awarded the 'Cavaliere del Lavoro', Italy's highest honour for entrepreneurial excellence. Today, his grandson and namesake carries on Luigi's legacy producing a significant range of classic Piemontese wines whilst maintaining strong relationships with growers, allowing Dezzani to pick and choose grapes from some of the best vineyards, acting as negociant for some of the best estates in the various DOC's and also finding time to chair the Barbera (of Asti and Monferrato) Consortium, the youngest person ever to have served in this capacity. Dezzani own a total of 40 hectares of vineyards in Monferrato and Langhe that yield grapes for their Casa Martelletti range, named after the 18th century palazzo in Cocconato which was lovingly and painstakingly restored over a 13 year period by the family. Overseen under the watchful eye of 'Mamma Ida', Casa Martelletti now houses the winery, guesthouse, restaurant, tasting room and shop.


Donnafugata - Italy Sicily

Donnafugata means 'fleeing woman' - a reference to Queen Maria Carolina who escaped the court of Naples in the early 19th century with her husband Ferdinand IV of Bourbon when Napoleon’s troops arrived. The couple took refuge in Sicily at Santa Margherita Belice palace, also the favourite residence of celebrated writer Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and depicted on the ‘Mille e Una Notte’ label. Tomasi di Lampedusa used the name Donnafugata to describe the country estates (where the Donnafugata vineyards are located) of the protagonist in his famous novel ‘Il Gattopardo’ (The Leopard). This was the inspiration for the estate’s trademark image - a woman’s head with a curling mane of windswept hair.

Duca di Castelmonte - Italy Sicily

Duca di Castelmonte is a brand new winery built in the heart of Marsala area, Cardilla, where the most important Sicilian grape varieties are grown sincecenturies. The winery, with a thermal capacity of 10,000 hl., has the best up to date technological equipments. In this place our wine-makers combining together a secular wine-making tradition and the most innovative techniques, produce superb table wines using the most interesting indigenous Sicilian grape varieties as Nero d`Avola, Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto and Zibibbo.


Falesco - Italy Umbria

Falesco sits on the border between Umbria and Lazio, and has 360 hectares of vineyard in total.

Franz Haas

Franz Haas - Italy Trentino

Franz Haas has been producing estate wines since 1880, the year in wich the present day winery was established. A family run estate, it was handed down through generations to the first-born son Franz Haas. Through the years and constant commitment of its owners and employees, this wine making estate has evolved into todays innovative winery. Our goal is to prodice quality wines that are the distinct expression of out terrior, with good aging potential and marked personality.

Giovanni Puiatti ’Le Zuccole’

Giovanni Puiatti ’Le Zuccole’ - Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia

The late Vittorio Puiatti had strong, uncompromising views on vinification and his son, Giovanni, now head of the business, continues to work in the tradition established by his father. The end results are intense, steely wines characterised by their ability to develop in bottle without the interference of oak. The wines are from the flatter area of Isonzo, and with exacting viticultural techniques and expertise in the cellar, fantastic wines are produced with great intensity and varietal flavour. The Le Zuccole wines are all sourced exclusively from the Isonzo DOC, here in the far Eastern corner of Italy the river Isonzo, with its floods and its bed movements makes this mainly gravelly soil ideal for growing grapes.


Giribaldi - Italy Piemonte

Azienda Giribaldi Mario was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and is now being managed by a third generation of the family. The winery today produces a wide range of wines with the same passion as the previous generations. Based in the heart of the Langhe, an extraordinary wine growing land, they deliver both traditional wines, and modern organic derivatives of long held favourites. The production of their organic wines started in 2001 with the first wines being sold in 2004.

I Feudi di Romans

I Feudi di Romans - Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Part of the Azienda Agricola Lorenzon family estates. The Lorenzon family’s 170 hectares of vineyard in the Isonzo DOC zone in South Eastern Friuli are primarily split between two blocks. The first, I Feudi di Romans, is situated in the heart of the zone, abutting those of Vie di Romans, and is an old apple grove with stony, well-drained soil of glacial origin. The second, the Borgo dei Vassalli vineyard, is situated further south in the zone, where the vineyards are on richer soil.

Latium Morini

Latium Morini - Italy Veneto

Latium was created by seven brothers and cousins of the Morini family who, like so many in Italy, worked with the local Cantina Sociale. They realised they shared a passion for quality, a passion for their land and, rather conveniently, vineyards in Valpolicella and Soave! They also had space to build a winery on the land so very recently left the coop and started to work on their own.

Leonildo Pieropan

Leonildo Pieropan - Italy Veneto

“If Nino Pieropan weren’t a winemaker, he’d be a watchmaker,” says Franco Allegrini, “It is because of his attention to the small details of white wine making that his wines are so outstanding.” Pieropan himself says that his quality derives from doing a series of small things right, “from the moment you pick up the secateurs to the time the cork goes into the bottle.” Pieropan’s quality, rather unusually for a producer of white wines, is attributable largely to the work undertaken on the estate’s 30 hectares of vineyard. He then ensures that his work in the cellar retains and amplifies the quality and style provided by the vineyard. The vineyards are planted primarily with Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave (which bears no relation to its more prolific Tuscan namesake, and is similar to Lugana). The Garganega gives structure and acidity to the wines, the Trebbiano di Soave perfume and richness of flavour.

Livio Felluga

Livio Felluga - Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Livio Felluga was one of the great names of Italian wine. Recently revitalised by his two sons Andrea and Maurizio, this 139 hectare estate is now well on the way to reclaiming its rightful place among the great producers in Italy. The energy injected into the estate by the younger generation has been harnessed by consultant viticulturalist/ winemaker Stefano Chioccioli. As a result of their work, the whites have acquired more intense and focussed flavours, while the reds have a ripeness and suppleness that is seldom achieved in Friuli. The estate’s vineyards straddle provincial borders, being located in both Colli Orientali and Collio. Their most prized possession is the 129 ha holding at Rossazo, where their Merlot is planted, as well as the grapes used in the fabled Terre Alte blend.


Mandrarossa - Italy Sicily

For those who find it hard to believe that a leopard can change it spots, they simply need to look at Cantine Settesoli, today one of Europe's most important wine co-operatives. Once famed for the quantity of wine it produced this forward thinking Cantine is now one of the most impressive, quality driven wineries in this region. The Mandrarossa range is designed for early drinking but retaining complexity and interest at the same time. The wines are sourced from dedicated vineyards using a computer-mapped traceability system. This analyses sugar development, tannin ripeness and acidity levels throughout the growing season in order to ensure optimum quality at picking.


Mezzacorona - Italy Trentino

Mezzacorona offers a comprehensive choice of DOC Trentino wines produced by the best oenologists within Gruppo Mezzacorona. Vinified at controlled temperature with refinement in barriques and barrels, the Mezzacorona wines exemplify one of the most well-known wine making tradition in the world.


Mormoraia - Italy Tuscany

In ancient times, Mormoraia was a convent but today it is an elegant estate situated in the heart of Tuscany, on the Chianti hills overlooking the beautiful town of San Gimignano. An agro-tourist resort as well as a working vineyard, the estate covers some 90 hectares, of which 30 are planted to vineyards and 10 to olives. The vineyards and olive groves are cultivated with respect to the environment and nature, under the watchful eye of owner, Giuseppe Passoni. Winemaking takes place in the state-of-the-art cellar where a mix of large and small French oak barrels are utilised to make these typical, yet modern wines.


Piazzano - Italy Piazzano

The vineyard has been owned by the Bettarini family since 1948, when Othello a manufacturer in Prato, decided to face his own `post-war` by retiring to the country. Here he dedicated himself to his new career as a vine grower with enthusiasm. The farm expanded further under the guidance of Riccardo Bettarini who took it over from his uncle Othello after leaving his manufacturing business to dedicate himself entirely to farming. Since 1999 the farm has been run by Riccardo’s children, Ilaria and Rolando, who, respecting the family tradition, conduct the business with passion and professionalism.

Picco del Sole - Italy Sardinia


Planeta - Italy Sicily

Since its inception in 1985 the Planeta winery has in a relatively short space of time established itself as one of the most dynamic and quality orientated wineries in the whole of Italy. The fact that the estate is based in the south west corner of Sicily – an island which for so long has been a quality winemaking backwater – makes the achievement all the more remarkable. Run by cousins Francesca, Alessio and Santi Planeta the estate won the coveted Cantina dell’Anno (Italian winery of the year award) in 1999 and has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years.


Pradio - Italy Friuli

Planted with Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Friulano and Sauvignon Blanc, the fruit concentration is balanced with crisp, refreshing acidity and demonstrates why many believe that this area is Italy`s finest for the production of white wines. The Pradio estate covers a total of 35 hectares. Vineyards are situated on dry and sunny slopes of alluvial soil with 40 to 60% stone content.


Sacchetto - Italy Veneto

Cantina Sacchetto was founded in 1920 and today is run by Filiberto Sacchetto, his son Paolo and daughter Beatrice who oversee all aspects of the winemaking process and aim to produce the best possible examples of wines for which the region is famous. The winery is in Trebaseleghe where the three provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice converge. Sacchetto wines are sold to all corners of the world and the company is well recognized for the elegance of its packaging and commercially priced wines.

Sampietrana - Italy Puglia

San Marzano - Italy Puglia

In 1962 19 vine growers from San Marzano, whose families had farmed the land for generations, combined their efforts to establish Cantine San Marzano. Through the decades this coooperative has grown significantly, attracting over 1200 vine growers, using modern and technologically advanced plants and producing elegant wines without forgetting the obligation to the very old Apulian wine tradition. Nowadays the melding of time honoured tradition, passion and sensibility with contemporary techniques enables us to produce wines with distinctive varietal and regional characters, marvellously reflecting individual attention, seasonal variation and local terroir.

San Silvestro

San Silvestro - Italy Piemonte

The Sartirano family’s wine business was founded in 1871, but it was only in the 1950’s that they started to develop the domestic market outside Piemonte, selling their wines in54L barrels. In 1970 the family decided to bottle its wines and installed its first bottling line. Business prospered and in 1976 a new winery was built and the company was renamed Cantina San Silvestro. Continuing this expansion, in 2001 the family purchased 8 hectares of land in the middle of the Barolo region where they have built a new 5,000 square metre winery with modern Vinification and increaded storage facilities. In the 1990’s the export market soared and today export sales now account for 60% of San Silvestro’s total production. San Silvestro produce good quality, typical and commercially priced Piemontese wines from their own grapes as well as working with long term contract growers from the Langhe area and other prime areas of Piemonte.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point - Italy Puglia

Terre Allegre

Terre Allegre - Italy Veneto

Terre Allegre is a selection of wines with an optimum price/qualiy ratio, from one of the areas with the greatest vocation for winegrowing and guaranteed at the origin by the "typical geographical indication" (igt) and the exclusive production of coop wine cellars.

Terre del Noce - Italy Trentino

Tola - Italy Sicily

The Tola family has owned their vineyards for over three generations. The vineyards are situated in Tola`s estate of Bosco Falconeria and Giambascio at about 400 metres above sea level, in the most glamorous Sicilian terroir, between Palermo and Trapani, where plains touched by the warm winds of Scirocco and light sea breezes meet the sweet and sunny hills.

Umani Ronchi

Umani Ronchi - Italy Marches

Today Umani Ronchi own 110 hectares in the Verdicchio Classico area, 60 hectares in the Rosso Conero, and 30 in Abruzzi. This part of Italy is framed by glorious hills that meet the waters of the Adriatic Sea, with such a favourable climate and soil Umani Ronchi can only profit from their treasures. “Since the beginning we have pursued our principal aim of the highest quality production, and in more than 40 years we have refined this art. Careful selection of the grapes on the plant, very low yields per hectare, continuous experimentations on the vineyard and in the cellar, strict laboratory controls”. Umani Ronchi prides itself as the leading exponent of the two major wines of the Marche, Verdicchio and Rosso Conero, as well as being one of the principle producers of wines from the neighbouring Abruzzi region.

Villa Schinosa

Villa Schinosa - Italy Puglia

The farm Villa Schinosa, sized 200 hectares, is located in the neighbours of Trani. Recently vineyards have been renewed. The ancient cellar built in 1884, bored into the Stone of Trani, has been renovated introducing production facilities that place the farm in the forefront of wine-making industry. The owner, Don Ferdinando Capece Minutolo dei Duchi di San Valentino, supported by his son Corrado, runs the production, while his wife Maria holds business relations. Ferdinando and Corrado Capece Minutolo, together they monitor and choose all the phases of production and transformation of the product, choosing and winemaking exclusively their own grapes, followed from the field until the bottle, while for the wine route.


Zenato - Italy Veneto

One of the most highly respected, family owned wineries the Veneto, Italy and beyond. Zenato was founded in 1960 by Master Winemaker, Sergio Zenato and his wife Carla Prospero. On the market, the Zenato name is synonymous with Amarone. Sergio’s ‘quality over quantity’ approach results in benchmark Amarone and Amarone Riserva. But his other red wines, Ripassa (a “mini- Amarone”using the Ripasso process) and Valpolicella in particular, are possibly the most typical examples you are likely to find of these classic Venetian wines. Indeed, Zenato was voted among the Top 5 Red Wines Producers in Italy at the 2004 London International Wine and Spirits Fair.

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